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When did you buy your first bitcoin?

As we all know, Bitcoin is the mother of cryptocurrencies, I started my cryptocurrency journey in 2016 when I bought my first bitcoin.

When did you buy your first bitcoin?

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I bought my first bitcoin also in 2016. June precisely and since then, all my life has been cryptocurrency

July-August 2017. Around the beginning of the big spike - but still too late to strike it rich.


My first attempt was on April 2019.

I bought my first bitcoin March or April 2017 but it was not a serious acquisition I was just experimenting with the new asset type. My biggest purchase was when I was mining(Proof of Human Work) RAIBLOCKS which is currently known as NANO. I used to trade NANO for bitcoins before the huge price surge in late 2017 which unfortunately I was not able to leverage.

Early 2011 or so for first purchase from Mt.Gox. Before that it was either given to me free (common back then) or mined. And no, I didn't have the foresight to hodl it since then 😬

I'm yet to make my first purchase.

I haven't made a purchase. I have used crypto faucets then use the income from the crypto faucets to buy mining contracts. I created a post that covers the best faucets I've come across so far. Hopefully this helps someone else.


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