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Do you agree with SirKnight?

I have not been here on peeranha for about 4 to 5 days now due to my busy schedule.
I'm happy to be that we now have new communities and I will love to see more.

Going through the questions and answers while I was away I came about this question by Uyobong where he asked that Which Peeranha.io user thrills you most with questions?. I was so thrilled when my name was mentioned by SirKnight.

According to SirKnight, he said and I quote *Peeranha1 is proving to be quite sharp and knowledgeable. So Peeranha1 is my answer.

Here is my question. Do you agree with SirKnight that my questions are thrilling?

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I totally agree with SirKnight. Actually I am your number one fan and more so, SirKnight is someone I respect so much.

Your questions are great but I noticed that your activities has reduced lately. I home to see more of your great questions.

Sirknight earned my confidence. Yes I agree with Him.

Hahaha. Funny question Peeranha1.

Stay cool friend.


Hahaha, Sirknight was absolutely correct that peeranha1 is very intelligent.

Welcome back.

Good question from intelligent peeranha1 concerning a statement from a golden Knight which happened between him and a priest of SteemChurch Uyobong.

It must be an honest testimony and I believe totally with SirKnight that you are intelligent.


Nothing to see yet