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Do You watch Telos nightly???


there is a link to the last episode telos nightly is a live podcast where we talk about community projects and news coming from the telos blockchain.

if you havent heard of us please sub the channel and join the telegram group we are always giving away free krown token and telos ....


thank you for your time and GO Telos !!!!

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Of course I do!

Thanks Feez! & GO Telos !

Joined telegram group. GO TELOS! TELOS GO TO THE SKIES!

No! I'm down to many rabbit holes to find the time. I need an assistant who'll watch the 40/50 minutes show, and then can give it to me in 5 minutes.

hell yeah the only cryptov stream for me shout out the homie feez

damn right! was a fan from the first link i clicked !

hip hop and crypto are on a clear path of intersect and you captured a fine harmony between them

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