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Where do you prefer Golden Censer Challenge?

Give your opinion.

Golden Cencer Challenge should:

A: Remain on Steem, Telegram, and peeranha.io

B: Be shifted permanently to peeranha.io

C: Be stopped on Telegram but remain on Steem and peeranha.io

Which option are you going for, and what are your reasons?

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Very good Question Brother Max.

I always think it is best to do one thing for two reasons - killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.

When our parishioners publish on Steem, they spread Good Word and they are rewarded with a financial benefit. Two good reasons to publish on Steem.

It is similar with with Peeranha - we spread the Good Word and we will be rewarded with a financial benefit.

On Telegram however, we do spread the Good Word (among ourselves only unfortunately), but this is without reward.

So my answer is C - Golden Censer Challenge to remain on Steem and continue on Peeranha, but should cease on Telegram.

Please don't get me wrong, Telegram is good for quick communication and has facilitated our expansion into Telos. However Peeranha, in my mind, is the ideal tool for our Church to grow, spread the Good Word and to remunerate us for our efforts.


Great question here brother max. I stand with Sirknight to allow Goldencenser Challenge on Steem and on peeranha because we will be able to reach out to the world with God's word and also receive financial blessings.

Our Telegram channel should be preserved for in-house discussions.


According to Sirknight and Uyobong, we must remain in steem and peeranha, in addition to the rewards there is also the possibility of greater traffic and better interaction.


  • Max.jcicon1,386ResidentJan 25, 22:40
    Thanks for your motherly advice through the answer you dropped. Good that parishioners are responding to this question.

Preferably in Steemit and Peeranha for now ...

Important question Max.
Option 'C' is okay with us, but I'll advice that Golden Censer Challenge stats, reports, and announcements continue to be posted on Telegram as it still stands as our best meeting place for now.

Option 'C' will definitely boost our new boarding plans and expose this wonderful church on the surface of the earth.


Brother Max thanks for the opportunity to open the forum and that we can share the personal opinion of each one of those who are part of the community, regarding the question I think that it should remain in peeranha because it is very intuitive to use the platform and I am sure that it will bear great results for the growth of the community, Telegram on the other hand is the means in which we can communicate and support each other with information of any kind and I think that this is the benefit we receive for the free use of this powerful tool , I have not used steem but it was through this platform that I got to know the group on Telegram so it can continue to be very useful to continue being known, for these reasons I lean towards Option A for the application and utility of each one.

C is my option. Remain on steem and peeranha.
However, those on Telegram only should be encouraged with few more days to switch over peeranha. This will reduce the work of collation for brother Max.

Dear brother Max
Golden Censer has been an element of blessing to spread and meditate on the Holy Scriptures, I wish it to remain on Steemit since it is also possible from there to link it with other social media such as Twitter or Facebook, in the case of Peeranha I am still a new user and I would not know what their benefits would be.
In the case of Telegram, I would keep it as a means of communication between the parishioners since it allows us to know the news comfortably.

I choose option A for now.
This is just allow some time for some of us who are yet to join steem and peeranha to join and understand the workings.

Secondly seems to be an easiest way to access both steem and peeranha. just being objective

  • Max.jcicon1,386ResidentJan 27, 18:45
    Okay, I understand your points here which is nice. At the end our amendments will come as a result of decisions from parishioners.
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