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Have you voted for a new tag on peeranha?

There is need foe new tags to be added. I proposed to add the life tag to peeranha community. This will help us to ask life related questions and that will make peeranha more accommodating.

If you have over 200 rating, please head up to 'tags' and vote. there are other new tags suggestions. Vote for one and tell us which you voted for and why.

Answers 4

Yes i did but i was told till i enter a certain level.
Hope to enter into the demanded reputation soon, so that i can suggest tags i think relevant to be used

No I haven't voted on tags. As the very first RESIDENT of PEERANHA - I should do this right now



First Resident!

Yes. Voted for LIFE and few other.

Yes, I had voted but it seems that the downvotes were more than the upvotes, as such the "LIFE" isn't again.

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