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Can you see Steemchurch as an international Christian movement or as a religious denomination?

When talking about the church, a set of doctrines imposed by legalisms immediately comes to mind, with those who cannot be ahead, in the case of Steemchurch we have sometimes been classified as a religious organization, in these two years we have worked on different issues areas: social, ecological, technological, moral, nutritional etc, with the difference that our denomination includes the practice of justice and mercy,
Can you think of our church as a religion or as a doctrine for love?

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We are way more than a religious denomination. We move better as a christian movement poised on impacting lives positively.

The Steemchurch Is an international Christian movement dealing in totality everything that concern man's life and godliness.

Opinion mine.

I am Victor.jc

Certainly, we cannot be a religious denomination. That causes limitations. Steemchurch is a movement which shows no end. we keep moving and actualizing purpose..

I see SteemChurch as doctrine of love!

When I look into her achievements and impact to lives around the world, I see more of freedom, love, advancement, economics, commerce, technology etc.

Religion is under love! STEEMCHURCH is a doctrine of LOVE.

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