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Can telos build a fair ecosystem for humanity?

I have seen writing a lot about governance in the Telos ecosystem, however this is in the hands of men, can Telos build that true justice and social equity that many people are looking for?

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I believe Telos is trying to build a fair system and it has the potential

Great question. Having governance tools is just one part of the equation. We also need for people to engage with the process and use those tools. So far, Telos is off to a good start. People see that their choices are being fairly measured in voting and that the votes are effective. As long as this continues, I believe Telos governance will continue to do well.

But I suspect that Telos itself is more likely the platform that a more ultimate fair ecosystem will be built on top of. We see in SEEDS how they are using the core Telos Decide governance tools to add more layers of checks and balances, that will be important. Also, even with the initial fair distribution of TLOS tokens, there's still a lot of disparity between users with very little and users with a lot. I don't think that a system where votes are weighted by ownership stake is the ideal system for all voting, but it's a good way to run the network itself, and the network is a good platform for new dapps to try different governance models built from those tools.

I believe it has the potential to do so Lady Ricci... but only if those who seek justice, seek out the Telos opportunity and build upon it.

Telos will be fair - but fair to the extent that those who work the hardest and smartest succeed - the way a thriving economy ought to work.

Telos will be no free-ride. But it will be a free market. And people will be free to participate how they choose. And this is true freedom.


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