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What is the best you have learned from Steemchurch as a community ?

In these two years we have seen many things in the path, birth and advancement of the first blockchain church, in all this time, what has been what you have learned from Steemchurch as a community?

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I have learned to see God as a potter, the one who molds everything according to his purpose and divine design.


One of the things that I have learned here in Steemchurch is the love of a man and a woman for the work of Christ, I believe that Sirknight and Darlenys have been an example and inspiration for all, have created a sense of belonging and placed in our hearts the Want to do more for our neighbors.

I have learnt seeing a people driven by love and a family growing together towards freedom. Dedication and sacrifice is one virtue that's pushing us forward.

SteemChurch is a community that teaches pure love, unity, freedom, oneness, righteousness and faith. All these I've learned from SteemChurch community.

Thanks for the question.

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