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How many Junior Peeranha do we currently have?

Did you know that reputation is status for Peeranha?

Do you know how many Junior Peeranha there currently are? And who are they?

What is the highest status a Peeranha can attain?


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If you go to https://peeranha.io/users and sort by Reputation instead of Date (upper right corner) then you can see how many there are of the top ranks. It looks like right now, Jan 23, 2020, there are 5 Junior members and 14 Newbies. That will probably change fast now that Peeranha is starting to grow.

For now the highest Peeranha status is Superhero (or Legendary Resident).
Your reputation has to be over 10000

Yours truly is a Junior resident at the moment including Darlenys, Evegrace,..

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