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Buying and selling Telos.

Some of us have got some telos in our wallets but do not know what else to do with it. May we have someone do us a tutorial on how to buy or sell to make profit.

Thank you.

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the best is to buy at low and sell when the price is high. you can also trade on exchanges like newdex

Hi Victor,

Between Newdex, Vapaee and CoolX Bancor Converting there is plenty of arbitrage profit to be had bytrading tokens on Telos.

Just do your homework - and maybe stake to REX while you are doing it.


It's not possible to make a tutorial about "how to make profit". Or in other words - that's very easy: Buy cheap, sell when it's expensive. But when are these moments - nobody will tell for sure.
As I'm writing now, Telos is: $0,045665
On November 14, 2019 it was : $0.10 so you should sell then and buy today.
I can say so and it's reasonable, but will it help you to make profit?..

I'm keeping hodl of all my TELOS at the moment and building my stack while staking to REX . I think a lot of EOSIO chains will do well in the future.

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