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Who explains the ways of increasing reputation in Peeranha?

I am new and I observe that if we like the question, the reputation increases. But at least you must have a minimum of 35 reputation to like it.

If we rate the comments as the best, we receive 2 reputation points.

Who shares more techniques to improve the reputation in Peeranha?

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From Peeranha FAQ Alicargofer -

Action or Event Rating points
Answer accepted as correct 15
Upvote question 0
Downvote question -1
Downvote answer -1
Question upvoted 5
Answer upvoted 10
Question downvoted -2
Answer downvoted -2
Delete own question -2
Delete own answer -2
Delete own comment 0
Accept answer as correct 2
Question deleted by moderation -15
Answer deleted by moderation -10
Comment deleted by moderation -2
Suggested tag created 75
Suggested tag deleted -50
Suggested community created 200
Suggested community deleted -150


I see same too.
When i like someone's question, the reputation tends to increase for the person.

And it so nice to know that liking people's question does by any way reduce or deduct anything in your end.

Well i hope to explore more on this wonderful platform.👊👊👊

Nothing to see yet