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Which Exchage is your best for TLOS trading?

I am not really into trading tokens. I have placed order for TLOS on Newdex.io though I do not really understand how they work. I wish to know the available exchanges for TLOS and which do you consider to be the best?

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newdex is the one with more liquidity

Newdex happens to be the main exchange. I will love to see Telos listed on other exchanges

Newdex seems to be the most commonly used Dex.

Hopefully one day though, the most popular Dex will be our very own Vapaee.


newdex is the best in my opinion

Newdex is the best if you have EOS (or EOS-based tokens, or WAX, LYNX) and if you have experience using Scatter
But if no, and if you want to buy/sell TELOS with USDT I would advise to use Cointiger

For now, all we know is Newdex for trading agains other EOS coins. However, sesacash gives exchange in local currencies.

Sesacash for me as it can equally exchange for local currency - NGN

Newdex is better of for the moment.

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