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What brought you to Telos blockchain?

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Some people are in Telos for the want of knowledge, others for funding for their project, others to build their project here, others to support their community here. Why are you on Telos?

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Personally, i came to know and be a part of Telos blockchain through my community - @Steemchurch led by our visionary Sirknight. Having been here for a few months, I am see a big prospect with Telos network and I'm ready to build and support good projects here.

The inability of SteemChurch to build our Beatitude blessings and our Golden Censer smart contract on Steem.


its an EOSIO chain with interesting experiments in the gov layer

A strong desire to see the amazing possibilities offered by EOSIO with participatory and egalitarian governance have a chance to exist in the world, bring opportunities to people's lives, and give people a way to harness that power to organize around common purpose in order to build a better world.

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