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How long do you allow for entries before selecting your best answer on peeranha.io

It's funny here that sometimes, you question may stay for hours without a response. Other questions may get multiple answers shortly. How much time do we give before selecting the best answer?

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Great question. I have thought about this over the past 2-3 days without a solution.

My initial response is 24 hours.

However, sometimes the question is best answered by a particular party (ie. Peeranha team). So in this case you could close after their response.

In other cases it where you think there could be better responses - why not leave it open a few more days to encourage others to answer

This is the best I can answer this Lady Evegrace.


As long as it takes to get the best answer to your question

I do think it may not be ok to be in a hurry selecting to best answer to your question. This is so because the person with best may come online few days after. 3 days is my suggestion.

Thank you

I am Victor.jc

I think it depends on the question. Some questions can probably be answered best within 24 hrs, more complex ones may take longer. The average time for the best answer will probably come down as more users enter the platform, as well.

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