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SteemChurch expansion via Peeranha - a step in the right direction?

Ladies and gentlemen of the SteemChurch et al.

'Peace be with you.'

Membership update.

SteemChurch is thrilled to advise that we are closing in on 10,000 registered parishioners.

However, the backlog in account creation is now at almost 400 accounts. This means there is at least 1 week waiting period for new members to receive their new account and start on the Telos blockchain.

We are currently reviewing our methodology for onboarding new parishioners to SteemChurch and Telos. We note the following:

We have many new referrals, but interaction with Telos is not maintaining pace with our new membership. We would like to increase participation at the same rate of membership growth.

We are achieving a great deal of interaction on Peeranha, perhaps the best dApp on all EOSIO blockchains (see comment by Remi here).

A new onboarding strategy.

We are considering adopting the following onboarding strategy.

All new members referred to the SteemChurch Telos Expansion must first establish an account on Peeranha, using their email address.

Once the new member establishes a new account on Peeranha, they will then be able to complete the SteemChurch registration form to receive their SteemChurch jc member account - giving them access to their HEARTs, the daily HEART spring and Golden Censer.

This strategy has a few benefits including:

Additional activity on Telos, Peeranha and within SteemChurch.

New members are able to interact with us immediately at Peeranha, which is a much nicer pace for new members and non-English speakers than Telegram.

It has a couple of drawbacks too.

It makes it more difficult for referrers to help new members into SteemChurch.

It means new members will not be using their jc account on Peeranha. (However, this is not necessarily a bad thing as it is diversifying the risk of cryptocurrency ownership for the new members).

So my question to our Parishioners and the Executive Committee...

Do you believe that this strategy is a step in the right direction for SteemChurch?
And do you have any further ideas, which might assist in the transition to this new onboarding process?

It is noted that the Peeranha founders are more than happy to have communities utilize the platform for community growth initiatives. See Sergey's answer here


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This is gold SK.

More benefits

New members will be busy growing their reputation on peeranha.io through steemchurch question and answer activities here at peeranha.io as they wait/pursue their SteemChurch membership form and activation.

peeranha.io and SteemChurch will have 50/50 promotional exposures from each other which is more transparent for Telos Network and for the entire globe to see the impact of SteemChurch.

SteemChurch is the first and biggest Christian community on the blockchain, bringing our new converts first to peeranha.oi will ease the burden of one or few individual handling their many questions; now they can ask questions and get comprehensive answers from many professionals around the world concerning SteemChurch, blockchain, Telos, peeranha.io, faith, freedom, cryptocurrency, SEEDS, etc.

With time we can shift our Golden Censer activities permanently on peeranha.io which has given us more voice than ever, and then we can utilize our Telegram channel for our private SteemChurch announcements etc.

Coolx and Lynx Wallet are here to aid parishioners in interacting with Golden Cencer, Tlos, Beatitude Hearts activities and transfers with their mobile phone pending the arrival of Sqrl wallet on mobile phones.


Like our brother Uyo pointed out, SteemChurch registration form may need to be updated to include peeranha.io user name for easier identification of our newly registered members.



This is a very nice proposal and idea, and so i wouldn't have much to say than to tell you its a
Go on with it.✌✌

It is a very nice step to grow steemchurch.
Yeah i believe.

All the tools and resources that we can use for the benefit of Steemchurch as an international ministry are welcome in the eyes of God, I know that in the not too distant future our community will be taking its own steps in building a new form of world evangelism, However, right now it is good to support the growth of the Telos ecosystem, I feel very honored to see that we are a community capable of living anywhere, and this is the most important thing, learn, walk with others as brothers, life does not It is a competition is a ladder of beatitudes that in the end translates into love for our fellow men, now we are here and just as we have left traces everywhere we make Peeranha an interactive platform for all. Thank you Sirknight for your guide.

I had in one of my answers to your question mentioned that peeranha id going to be a mainstream that will aid onboarding to Telos Network. Your observations are very right Sirknight.

I did also answer somewhere that there is need for a mobile version of SQRL to enable our invitees to easily set up their accounts. Already, i know the stress i go through to be able to activate Telos accounts for my invitees. It's really tedious in many respects.

I agree with you that our expansion may have to be redirected to peeranha before creation of jc accounts.

This means that the Google form must be edited to capture peeranha username of any referral we make to Steemchurch.

It is pertinent that we grow in interaction alongside our membership growth.

I see Steemchurch become the biggest community ever on Telos Network. Already, we are ranking up on the peeranha.io platform.

Thanks great Knight for thinking this.



  • Excellent points Brother U. Yes, I had considered a form change. Also considering ways to do away with the form altogether, but unlikely to be able to accomplish this.
  • Uyobongicon2,368ResidentJan 23, 09:40
    Okay, to substitute the form, you can ask a question like "Do you need a Steemchurch jc account, answer this question indicating your preferred name, your referer and your closest Steemchurch leader". That would be a trending question which must be answered by every new user before a jc account is created for such. Meanwhile, there should be a pin question for communities on peeranha.
  • Yes, this is what I was considering, but eventually the details will need to be extracted into a spreadsheet anyway for account creation purposes. So probably worthwhile keeping form for a while longer.

Hello Gallant Sirknight. Thank you for this question. I must confess that I have personally not been able to help those I referred to telos to activate their account because I do not have the device. Mine was activated by Brother Uyobong. Using Peeranha to onboard new users to steemchurch is a great idea that would allow every one learn how the blockchain operates by asking simple questions. It is a right step in the right direction.

I stand with Sirknight on this.

  • Thank you for this feedback Lady Evegrace. It is difficult for referrers to get the referred to participate. As they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. This new strategy will put the onus back on the new member to participate. The good thing is though - we now have a working app. SK.
  • Evegraceicon1,761ResidentJan 23, 10:58
    Thank you Sir for the response.

Good ideas indeed! I cannot agree less. Like already stated, guiding new invitees as always been a tedious task which makes their creating of peeranha accounts come in very handy. Here, they can ask all relevant questions and many useful answers will be given.

If possible, Steemchurch should create peeranha accounts for each new invitee while creating their jc accounts also.

So, I think it is a wonderful idea that will enhance engagement and activity hence, should be adopted.

Hi SK. Good proposal if Steemchurch expands to Telos and now Telos to Peeranha, it is a good idea to request users to create the account at peeranha.io, before the creation of their Telos account, if this implies the expansion and growth of the platform . I will continue to support and believe in these wonderful projects that for me have been a great blessing.

However, the form of interaction in each space should be defined: Steemit? Telegram? Telos? Peeranha?

In Steemit, Steemchurch was born and the word of God, Steemchurch's social works and the Goldencenser challenges are still being shared. The promotion of expansion to Telos was carried out from Steemit and Telegram. I wonder after Peeranha what is the future of Steemchurch in Steemit?

In Venezuela, Blockchain groups have grown and there is talk of Telos and the promotion of Telos accounts, people are being recruited for the creation of the Telos family in Venezuela, including employment opportunities. What we offer from Steemchurch to the new invited parishioners?

I have other questions:
In Venezuela, the creation of their free Telos accounts is being promoted in Blockchain groups. Can guests create their Telos accounts and then be received in Peeranha? Or should they have Telos .jc accounts to be received at Steemchurch Peeranha?

Can the Steemchurch registration form be promoted in Blockchain groups in Venezuela, including the creation of the Peranha account?

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