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Don't you think we need a notification feature on peeranha.io?

I want to believe that peeranha.io is undergoing some development works. I would have loved to suggest that there should be a notification feature that helps is to know who liked or answered our questions.

What do you think?

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Yeah Boss, it seems you hijacked this question from my mind this was the next question i was about asking, being that its really boring, not getting any notification at all, i know what i have been passing through since my Partiko notification broke down.

Several times people will upvote and comment on my post but yet no notification to inform you, and so the person might think you saw the comment but purposely ignore it.

Please something should be done about it.

Thanks for the question all the same.👊👊

Yes please!

Notification of who has replied and voted for yourquestions and answers would be awesome.


I hope the Peeranha.io team sees this question. It would be nice to have the notification feature on this platform. That would help you know how many likes and answers you got while away.

Yes. That would be nice. Maybe they can work with dMail or else the Telos People Server at app.telos.net to add this messaging. (Since most of the tech has already been built on Telos to do it!)

Nothing to see yet