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Which Steemchurch parishioner would you love to meet in real life if you had an opportunity?

For the past 2 years, Steemchurch community which started on Steem, then on Telegram and now on peeranha.io has bridged the geographical distance of parishioners and has been a virtual meeting place though with real Blessings.

If you had an opportunity to meet a parishioner in real life may be not at your expense, whom would that be?

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Apostle Darlenys, Lady Ricci and Lady Marcia.

Oh but so many others like yourself Brother


Oh oh oh! Apostle Darlenys would be the first. She inspires me everytime. I'm not trying to be feministically biased here ooo. I would also love to meet Sirknight and Maxdevalue. I have so felt their impact.

Well mine would have love to meet up with Sirknight, Darlenys, maxdevalue

SirKnight. Maybe have some questions for him.

I'd love to see all parishioners, who knows, one day we might have opportunity for an international conference where we can meet ourselves.


Nothing to see yet