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Have you ever taken a Stroll down to FAQ in the peeranha page?

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It necessary you know about what you are involved in.
I just did it, by reading through the FAQ in the peeranha.
One thing i saw was that the peeranha is a platform sponsored by the Telos block chain and the token is called PEER.

Get to know more about peeranha.
And come share it here with us.

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I did that within the first 2 days of being here. Those are spots i look out for in every new platform i find myself. Thanks for asking this sensitive question.

Every peeranha.io user should see to it that the FAQ page is visited to be acquainted with operations on this platform.

I have not done that very well. I only had a glance when I tried to create my account. Hope to do it soonest. Only trying to use my previous knowledge of Musing.io.

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