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Could we build in Telos a project for farmers around the world, Free the Seed ?

Loving many agriculture issues, a good friend Silvia Quarta told me about the idea of ​​building a project, in fact she won the won the Spindle Best Idea Award 2016 at the Partos Innovation festival, however, we haven't started it yet, She asked if I had any suggestions.

Giving farmers the freedom to breed new varieties, they can address their real needs and increase agricultural biodiversity.

About Free the Seed

Small-scale farmers are the majority of food producers around the world, especially in developing countries, but are often an overlooked group. Seeds are the first inputs they need. The increasing concentration of seed patents in the hands of a few big companies and the expansion of strict patenting regimes is threatening the freedom of farmers to conserve, share and reproduce seeds. This implies a dependency of farmers on seed companies, a biodiversity loss, and endangered food safety. For everyone.

This project could start as a pilot in Europe and then follow up in a different country, possibly in the global south. How do we do this?

Start from a seed library, in order to collect material: collecting local seed varieties. Everything would be registered under the Open Source Seeds plea, thus everyone is free to reproduce the seeds and cross them with other varieties.
In order to sustain the seed bank, farmers should pay an annual subscription.
3. Subscribed farmers can access the seed resources. A 1×2 system would be applied: you give back to the seed bank double the amount of seeds you received, in order to promote on-farm seed saving and the diffusion of the varieties.
4. The subscription fees can be used to pay for breeders if needed (Participatory breeding with farmers).
5. The more farmers are subscribed, the more seeds will be available. The 1×2 system might involve giving the reproduced amount of seeds to other farmers, instead of giving it back to the library.

Could seeds contribute ideas for the construction of the project Free the seed?

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Yeah i think this will be a wonderful project.
It will be well appreciated. Farmers are really suffering over here in Nigeria, so i think this idea will be welcome.

Farmers need awareness, they need money, they need resources, they need machines, they need a whole lot to buttress their farming experience and expenditure.

Thanks for this question ma'am

This will be beautiful. Here in Nigeria, farmers are suffering with failed promises from government on inputs. A decentralized project to help farmers will be a great deal. Many orphans are into subsistence farming which sometimes not enough to provide for them.

I think this project sounds like a perfect fit for SEEDS!!! On Feb 20th 2020 the voting opens for anyone to propose projects for SEEDS to support! I for one would back this project and hope to see it as one of the proposals then!

Nothing to see yet