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Are we using too many tags?

It is my opinion that each question should use only 1 community tag per question - the most appropriate. On occasion, a question may warrant 2 tags. But I see this as the exception rather than the rule.

I am seeing many questions where 5 community tags are being used. I ask, what is the point of this? If I was looking for information on a topic, yet I know that tags are being used by Q&A that it is not relevant to, I would probably stop using tags to search.

My opinion - use only the most relevant community tag.

Your thoughts?


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It is my considered opinion that using related tags on any questions and answers are necessary for more visibility. However, using unrelated
tags is out of


Certainly, the use of tags should be punctual, maximum two tags when required, good point to discuss.

That's true SIr, but sometimes, a question may relate to two or more tags. For instance, our Goldencenser inspiration shared in Steemchurch Community is related to #goldencenser and #HEART.

Albeit, let's hear what others have to say.


Well, in my opinion opinion, i think that we can use more than one tag being that a quested can be related to more than one tag. This would aid easy visibility. Moreso, we are yet to really understand how to use tags to search for questions. A beautiful thing that peeranha has done is that it limits tags for a particular community.

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