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Goldencenserchallenge#27:- Do you love money?

The love of money has drifted many away from this Christian race.
Be Careful least you slip and fall.
This passage has really got me thinking i really pray for the grace not to value money than my walk with God.

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And money shall not be our master. Jesus knew this, the reason he told us that we cannot serve two masters at a time. That we either would love one and hate the other, obey one and despise the other

When we put our Heart to love money, our love for God would have been jeopardized. We should use money and money should serve us and not the other way around.

Thank you sister for this powerful question.

The money was made to serve us, but its misuse is the root of all earthly evils, it is capable of destroying families, friends, relationships because of greed, I have known many cases, but we must be citizen to the time to use the money so that we are not governed by ambition.

The love of money is root of all evil. Money is meant to be used to meet our needs and not to be loved. Those who love money may go extra miles for it, even to kill. Let money answer all things for us and not be worshiped.

This Knight loves his family, his faith and his freedom and money has a role to play in each. There is nothing inherently wrong with looking to increase one's wealth, for the sake of family, faith and freedom. But to seek to accumulate money for money's sake, is character destructive and leads only to unhappiness, dissatisfaction and depression.

Keeping both eyes on the ultimate prizes above, is very important.


No I do not love moneybut I like money

Mammon is doing everything to establish itself as god on earth through money.

Only the government of God's kingdom can save humanity from loving money; the biggest answer to their man-made needs and necessities.

Lets keep our eyes fixed on the things above where Christ is seated, money will serve us.

My love is for God and for humanity that He created, not for man-made money.

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