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Dear Parishioners, what is your experience so far sharing your Goldencenser thoughts on peeranha.io?

Barely 3 days now since we parishioners of Steemchurch began to share our Goldencenser thoughts here on peeranha.io. How do you enjoy this so far?

  • Fun

  • Exciting

  • Easy

  • Difficult

  • Boring

Let's hear your views. Feel free to add your most appropriate word describing your experience

Answers 4

Exciting I'll go for exciting because now we have opportunity to ask about everything that needs answers regarding our Christian faith.

I'm ye to be 24 hours old, but this place seems to me funfiled and exciting. THough I'm yet to submit my goldencenser challenge entry. Coming up in a bit.

It seems that Peerahna is marking a die in mode and exchanging knowledge through a simple system of questions and answers that add value.

To say tis exciting is to say the least.
Getting a message from a bible passage. Translating that message to a question is
the exciting thing. t is more of a bible study and
growth will be enhanced.

I am


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