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Do you trust in the Lord? - Goldencenser challenge #27

The greedy stir up conflict, but those who trust in the Lord will prosper. [Proverbs 28:25 NIV]

People that are greedy are people that are consumed by selfish desires. If everyone is consumed with their selfish desires, we will not progress and the will be conflict everywhere. but if we all desire the things of God and trust in Him, we will prosper and progress as individual, community, nations and as human race

Do you trust in the Lord

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We need to trust the Lord in everything, not just with the word of mouth.
I once heard a story of a man who carry his son on his shoulder and walked on a tiny rope connected between the tops of two skyscrapers. After walking from one end to the other in the tiny rope, people watching him hailed him for the unbelievable thing he did. He then asked them if the believe and trust him to walk back on the same rope, them all shouted YES. He then asked one person to volunteer him self so that he will carry the person instead of his son. Everybody was quite and no one volunteered.

They all said they trusted him but nobody want to risk his or her life in the name of trusting him.

Just like the story, many claim to trust in the Lord but are not ready to trust Him with their lives. In order to prosper, we need to trust the Lord with our everything

Surely, prosperity is for those who put their trust in God. Trusting God implies that we allow Him to take lead of our lives. When we follow Him, we definitely cannot fail.

Thank you for asking such a great question

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