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Who welcomes me to Peeranha?

Hello friends, I am finding out with a friend of this Telos platform that is starting and that will allow me to share questions with you.

Oh I hope to understand what it is and I hope to do it right.

Before I want to know who welcomes me?

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Hi, lualberto.jc! Peeranha is a decentralized question and answer website that rewards users with crypto tokens (PEER) for their valuable contributions. Peeranha is built on Telos blockchain. All activities on the website that are considered valuable for the community are rewarded in PEER tokens. Contributions that earn tokens may include posting a detailed question, providing a helpful answer or acting as a moderator.

Fatherfaith welcome you to peeranha. you are going to enjoy your stay

You are welcome to peeranha

Welcome. This is an addictive app that helps people. I hope you enjoy it.

Welcome, Luis, thank you for being present in our Steemchurch group, and following the path of Telos and now Peeranha. Many successes friend, the blessing of God accompany us.

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