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The possibilities of using Telos blockchain are endless or have limits?

When a platform works with smart contracts, its possibilities of use become endless. What would be the fact that would give Telos the possibilities of use without limits?


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Well, all things are finite, so there is, of course, some upper limit on the ultimate use of any system, including Telos. However, our intent is to make the possible uses so large that they seem endless to users.

How do we do this?

First, Telos starts off as a very powerful and high capacity blockchain. Currently, the highest capacity public blockchain in the world, along with EOS. So we start off very well. There are also great infrastructure developments around Telos that expand its capabilities. History nodes, API nodes, various websocket servers and oracles (blockchain stuff) add more capability by leveraging the blockchain.

Next, we add to these by increasing the capacity. For example, we are in the early stages of upgrading Telos to EOSIO v 2.0, which has shown very real increases in the transaction carrying capacity of EOSIO chains--perhaps as much as 10 to 16 times more capacity. (Perhaps as little as 5x the current capacity, which is still massive.) Thanks to ongoing development by Block One, Telos and other EOSIO chains have faster development than anything else in blockchain.

Now look at the increased infrastructure tools that let us do more on top of Telos itself. Thanks to our TCD and Telos Works proposals, we are rapidly developing new tools and funding the operation of various servers. Telos is doing this where other chains are not because we have better designed funding structures like Telos Works and TF grants. So these also increase our capacity.

Finally, we are looking to extend our capacity through horizontal scaling, which would mean starting up Telos side-chains that replicate the power of the Telos mainnet but communicate with each other to send tokens back and forth. This is on the EOSIO roadmap but still a ways off. Fortunately, it is not needed yet.

So while Telos capacity is finite, it is currently way out ahead of what is needed and we intend to keep pushing that capacity more and more in the months and years ahead.

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