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What is 'First Authorizer Pays'?

What is meant by 'first authorizer pays' in context of EOS.IO blockchains


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Great question!

Technically called ONLY_BILL_FIRST_AUTHORIZER, this is a new protocol feature of EOSIO that was part of EOSIO 1.8.x and needs to be approved by the block producers before it can be put in place. There are other protocol features, but this is one of the most important. You can see which are approved on any chain here: https://telos.bloks.io/protocol-features

This feature is important because it allows dapps to pay for the resource costs of its users. This means that if a user doesn't have a lot of resources or doesn't want to manage them, it will not keep them from using a dapp that has enabled ONLY_BILL_FIRST_AUTHORIZER. Essentially, the dapp just needs to be set up so that it signs first and pays all the resource costs for the transaction so that the end user doesn't have to.

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