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What is the hold up for wide adoption of first authorizer pays?

Just curious why we haven't seen wider adoption of first authoriser pays across telos/eosio? Is it too difficult to impliment? How can we make it simpler? If all the major wallets supported it would we achieve that lynxchain like experience?

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I think that we could use a great, short explainer article for developers showing how to use ONLY_BILL_FIRST_AUTHORIZER. I think that's the biggest sticking point. Many dapps like Peeranha receive GoodGrant staking for their resource needs, including their users, so cost can't be the issue.

Let's step up our education efforts both in terms of what it is and how to easily employ it. Then we'll see more adoption. The use of this feature is one of the points in the TRIM Plan, so we are really hoping dapps adopt it as a "best practice".

I think I understand the question Justin to which my answer will be - apps using it like Peeranha are proving to be successful so it will continue to rollout with time. However, here is my question to you...


because me and others are not always up to speed on the blockchain jargon and acronyms. 😀



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