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Although men and women are equal in their relationship with Christ, the Holy Scriptures point to separate roles for each of them in marriage. The husband must take the initiative in the house (Corinthians 11: 3; Ephesians 5:23).

At present there are many wives who are forced by economic necessity to take the reins of the home to seek the support of the family and their children.

Are wives against the word of Christ when he takes the reins of his home?

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No. I certainly don't think so. God designed man and woman to work together, to raise a family and build a God fearing community.

Each individual man and woman has their own strengths and weaknesses and the call for these strengths differs dependent upon the economic and political environment in which they reside.

If a woman must work to keep family fed and the man must raise the children, this is fine with . So long as it is done in partnership and with respect for the family roles.


I think that given the difficulties and challenges imposed, women are and will remain faithful to the word of the Lord. Well, what he does is for love and the good of family members.

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