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Dear Parishioners, how has Steemchurch Impacted your life?


For those who are yet to know, Steemchurch is amazingly the first blockchain church with a norm of sharing love to families of the world alongside God's word. We have a beautiful place on Telos too- Sc-Telos and on Telegram. We aspire to be one of the biggest community on peeranha.io. It's time we begin to share our testimonials here.

How has Steemchurch Impacted your life?

I am Uyobong

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Steemchurch has really hepled in my spiritual growth, by sharing the gospel i tend to read more of the bible and expanciate it well.

Steemchurch has helped me to be creative, i create peoms base on stories in the bible etc.


Steemchurch means a lot to me, it is a different way of serving others, full of love and expectation, God expresses himself in a mysterious way and uses even what sometimes seems illogical to show his name, for many and for me also Steemchurch It has been the awakening of dreams that we sometimes think are asleep.


The first blockchian church has blessed many lives especially in Venezuela has had a great impact, be God always hand in hand with this great community. It has created a more powerful faith in all of us as a Christian.

SteemChurch has opened eyes to many different Christian communities, all with different needs and aspirations. And while the culture tends to be similar, the level of resources can differ greatly. Personally, I would like to see a bridging of the resource gap - and this is what SteemChurch now means to me.


Steemchurch is a wonderful community, technology and God together. I hope that God gives the blessing to all the parishioners of this church who sincerely express their word and keep their commandments.

The greatness that we have in our hearts will lead us to success in all areas of our lives, for my Steemchurch it has had a positive impact because I can interact with brothers from other regions and countries, thanks to Steemchurch International, so I cannot forget that he was born of Steemit A great platform.

Now he expands to Telos and continues to sow hearts to all parishioners. This is great.

Now in peeranha.io, this new experience will be great, I like to learn new things, fabulous if we do it on the word of God.

Thanks Uyobong for this great question.

So much value has been added to my life and now I am motivated to add value to other people's life. Until I joined Steemchurch, I never understood that one could have alife Project. Thanks to Darlenys that kept re-echoing that and today, I'm glad to have the @Blesstheorphan project to hold unto.

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