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Is there any difference between "Answer" and "Comment" on Peeranha.io?

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I commented on @Sirknight's question some days ago and i didn't see that added to my answers. Thanks to the Legendary Knight who prompted me to answer rather than comment.

what's the difference between the two

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Just my opinion from what I've experienced and what I understood. First of all an Answer can be published for the Question only once, a Comment can be posted a lot of times under a Question/Answer.
I guess it is done like that because:
a) It will prevent people from spamming a question by unnecessary Answers. IMO an Answer has to contain all the information in one message, that a person wanted to say, not written in separate Answers. If you forgot to write something Peeranha provides an Edit button for that or you can simply add a Comment under it.
b) This will also prevent a possible cheating/abusing like getting upvotes for each answer that could be posted by a single person in one question in order to gain more reputation.
c) If you have an addition to someone's answer but you feel like you don't want to repeat other person's words in a separate answer you can simply Comment your thought under it.
d) If you have a question to ask to a person who posted an answer you are free to use Comment section. Same for a question if you want to clarify something.
e) Comments are useful in a way that it can start a whole another branch of some kind of discussion that can infinitely continue, like a conversation in some kind of Telegram chat or whatever messenger you are using.

Also, you don't gain reputation for comments, but you can vote to delete for inappropriate ones, so you can keep your branch of comments as clear as possible, so people don't have to read off-topic messages.
In conclusion I want to show you why it is important to have Answers and Comments. Just imagine finding an answer for a question that you were searching for between 1000 of answers without comment section and 12 answers that have lots of comments.

Dear Brother Uyobong.

This (Legendary) Knight has discovered that one may cast a vote for an answer, but not a comment.

He has also noticed that comments are concealed whilst answers are displayed one after another.


I would say that "comments" allow us to engage questions and answers better since one can make multiple comments. I think that the peeranha team could look into rewarding comments because it's the onus of engagements.

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