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How will Peeranha.io change the narrative from Quota and Defunt Musing.io?

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I have not really used the Quora platform which is also provides an avenue for users to ask and answer questions. However, I had used Musing.io on Steem and I was well rewareded over $100 in few weeks. Sad, musing is no more.

How will Peeranha.io be of advantage than the previous?

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I hope that Peeranha would be better than musing in many ways. Here, everyone has equal chances for growth and there are no stake to differentiate whales from newbies. Each time we have such dichotomies created like we have on steem, there are tendencies for abuse.

Good question. I never used Musing myself - sorry to find out it failed. Let's not let this happen to Peeranha.


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