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Blockchain in your country

We all know that blockchain has many applications.
Has blockchain technology been applied in anyway in your country? or is there a plan to apply blockchain in anyway in your country

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I am from Nigeria. currently, I don't know of any application of blockchain in my country. though I once heard a new about applying blockchain technology in agriculture.

I will love to see it apply our electoral

In my country (Venezuela) blockchian technology has been a blessing for many lives, enthusiastic people, developers, professionals have chosen to improve their quality of life using it, we know that we are still at an early stage in the adoption of this technology However, Latin America is emerging as one of the continents in creating a high-impact technological atmosphere, we are proposing the inclusion of blockchian in university pensum as a formal subject, there are many conferences, talks, workshops that are being carried out, so as important developments, infrastructure creation.

Well, at least in my country it's completely legal and I don't have to pay fees for any operations with Crypto.
Will there be any applications of blockchain? Guess that no, only if some enthusiasts do everything on their own. But it's still better than in most countries

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