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Could the Blockchain be included as a subject in primary education?

I would like it to be included in primary education, because it is preparation for the future. Today there are many blockchain platforms, I met him with Steemit and I am part of Telos, but I talk about this at school with my friends and they don't understand much about this.

I thank my mother who teaches me and I can be part of this.

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Definitely, it should be included. Blockchain technology is technology that can be be applied to almost anything and everything. Including it in primary education will make children to be better placed to take

Great question and idea Samy.

At present the future for blockchain is somewhat of an unknown. And in the future it will probably be the dApps that get all the attention. I am sure that in time blockchain will be taught in schools, but potentially just through other subjects. Just as the children now tend to learn about the internet through other subjects.


Certainly, i say YES. This is because blockchain is Internet 3.0 where users are Rewarded for using the internet. The world is going this direction and students should be educated about kt.

In Venezuela we are carrying out a `pilot project for this purpose, in the initial education it is important that the children interact with the blockchain technology, the generation of the future will be easier than for us and they will do greater things.

Hi Samy, it would be very interesting to include as a matter the blockchain in primary education, an important stage for children's educational development, ideal for blockchain development.

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