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Telos proxies: A vote for Scatter?

There has been discussion in Telos proxy circles indicating that the Scatter BP is worthy of proxy votes.

Do you support the Scatter BP? Do you vouch for the quality of their work work? Do you feel they belong in the top 21 and why?


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Hi guys,

This is Rami from Scatter. I'm reaching out in the hopes that we can secure your votes for our BP on the Telos chain. You know how hard we have worked the past two years on Scatter and all the related technologies, and we have big things in store for 2020 that require funding of some sort. The BP standby position helps, but we'd really love to get into the top 21.

You can read about our ecosystem contributions here: get-scatter.com/vote

Additionally we are working on a themed version of Scatter Simple for Telos!

vote4scatter is our BP. Vote for Scatter!

  • This is great Rami - thanks for popping into Peeranha to share your Scatter history and vision. I will be updating FQ proxy votes later the week, I will be sure to find a slot for vote4scatter. SK.
  • ramijamesicon65StrangerJan 22, 07:53
    Honestly, Peeranha, aside from the name, is just about the best software on EOS that I've come across in a long time. Really good stuff.
  • Wow! This is terrific Feedback for Peeranha. With respect to the name - it might end up being so 'unique' that it is actually brilliant. It is growing on me anyway. SirKnight.

Not sure if this is 100% suitable for QA app.. but here goes :-D

Scatter is a strong contributor, they contribute Scatter itself which is still the most popular signature provider, and they have fantastic developer outreach due to this.. also Rami has been involved in bp meetings and very vocal on twitter lately about Telos. They definitely deserve a few more votes!

  • 😀 if Peeranha's going to make it in the big bad world of Q&A, we need to be pushing boundaries - opening up to new ideas and new blood. Thanks for the Scatter feedback. Very positive. SK.
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