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When Jesus saw the crowds on the Mount, he sat down and began to teach. Beatitude 2 - 'Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.' [Matthew 5:4 NIV]

Is this comfort for all mourners or for those that believe in GOD and his CHRIST?

  • What's your opinion Max?
  • Max.jcicon1,386ResidentJan 19, 14:36
    Moses lifted a serpent in the wilderness for all, but only those that looked at the serpent where healed. In my opinion I think this comfort is available to all mourners but only they that believe shall be saved/comforted. Thanks SK.

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Hello, Max I think that God is merciful that everyone will be comforted, also those who say they don't believe in Christ, because he must show the greatness of his love. Crying is an act that we all do and makes us vulnerable and much simpler to let in good feelings, that's why God is there and among all of us.
Regards, Rosmy.jc

God alone can comfort a man in times of trials and tests. More so, God comforts His children. So, if you must receive comfort from God, you have to position yourself in the place of sonship.

I think. Crying is the metaphor to indicate sincere repentance, the search for consolation of people. Everyone who is sorry and delivered to the Lord. He will be comforted and relieved in the soul.

This consolation is for all those who cry because they have had true repentance, remember the story of David when he was confronted by God through the prophet, David had sinned by having taken the wife of one of his most important generals, also planned the murder of this man and continued in that attitude of not recognizing his actions, when God made him see his sin fell to his knees in tears and repentance, of course all sin has its consequence but God helps us endure it and for his mercy and love we receive, correct us because he loves us and is willing to comfort us so that we can rise and move forward, to our Lord Jesus Christ be all glory, honor and power for ever and ever, amen. I love you Jesus.


God's comfort is available to all those that seek it. You can't be afar off to get comforted by God; you must in the fold.

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