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Does Peeranha have a vision of having an APP?

It would be interesting to have Peeranha in the application because we will take it everywhere on our cell phones, oh and much more interesting if we receive notifications like other social networks, we will be more connected with what happens and the discussions.

I am part of the Telos family and I joined Peeranha because I believe in this project.

I am part of steemchurch community.

I am a kitchen lover. Will varied communities be included in Peeranha?

Who helps me to advance in Peeranha?

  • ankarlieicon200NewbieJan 18, 17:38
    I totally agree with you. I think nowadays developers should always take into consideration mobile users when designing and planning their platform. I am not really a mobile user but there are a lot more people using cp on a daily basis than computers or laptops.

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Food and culinary Q&A discussion at Peeranha - I would join in that community. 👍

Peeranha mobileapp - awesome! 😁

I gave you a thumbs up 👍 to this question which will help you get ahead.

Welcome to Peeranha, Lezama.


We do not have an immediate plans for building a mobile app. At the same time we understand the importance of notifications to users. So, we are looking for the fastest way to add notifications. We started the work on a bot for Telegram as the first step.

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