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Telos onboarding via Peeranha

Peeranha offers a very fast and effective way to get onto Telos through its email sign-up procedure. Thank you.

Would the Peeranha team be open to communities such as SteemChurch, referring our new members to Peeranha first, with the view to integrating them into our community shortly thereafter?


  • ankarlieicon200NewbieJan 18, 17:34
    I haven't been down the rabbit hole on TELOS but I have been hearing a lot of good things about it one of which is better resource management compared to EOS. One of the founders even speculated that part of the upcoming Voice social network of block.one will be using a sidechain of EOS due to the resource volatility of EOS. Peeranha runs smooth and can be considered one of the killer app of this sidechain.

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Absolutely! Our vision is to become a structured and searchable knowledgebase for the communities. If we can help the communities to introduce new members and help them learn about those communities than it is great.

Peeranha is a cool and about the easiest way to create a Telos account and to onboard more people on

Amazing I must say that Peeranha.io is agreat way to join Telos Network. This is because it's easier to tell someone about peeranha.io as a question and answer platform, however, they get a Telos Account by default. Being here would avail them the privilege to learn about blockchain.

I must say that peeranha.io may be a mainstream to Telos onboarding.


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