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Why is there a comment and answer section?

Why do we have a comment and answer section in peeranha?

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I can't answer for Peeranha, but the comments section is a great way to drop a little message for someone, without impacting on the flow of the Q&A.


  • ankarlieicon200NewbieJan 18, 17:40
    Yes, that could be one and perhaps it is also designed so that the owner of the question can interact with the people answering his questions like this one :)

Answer section is intended for actual answers.

Let's see an example:

Question: "2 + 2 = ?"
Answer 1: "3" (Answer but incorrect. It will be moved down when downvoted by other users)
Answer 2: "I have the same question!" (This is not an answer. Should be a comment for the question.)
Answer 3: "Have you tried to use a calculator?" (This is not an answer. Should be a comment for the question.)
Answer 4: "4" (A correct answer. It will upvoted by the community and will appear on top)
Answer 5: "Thank you for the quick answer!" (This is not answer. Should be a comment for an answer)

If comments and answers are used properly than it is much easier to understand the structure of the post and find a helpful answer.

We are working on adding an explanation to the post answer form to make sure that users use answers and comments as intended.

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