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Tipping other tokens on Peeranha

Do you think in the nearest future, we will be able to tip other tokens on peeranha just like we have on telegram and discord.
I will love to see this. hope the team can work on

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yeah, I believe it will happen soon. A person asking the question can tip people that answer the question.
one can also tip a good question that contribute to the

Absolutely! The work on that has already started. We are hoping that we can support tipping in tokens / cryptocurrencies of most of the communities that will adopt Peeranha.

  • Peeranha just keeps getting better and better! Thanks S. SK.
  • RyanInRussiaicon171NewbieJan 19, 07:30
    Sergey, would this include Basic Attention Token (BAT)? Brave browser currently has a userbase of over 10 million people. Peeranha should register as a Brave Content Creator so as to generate an additional revenue flow in BAT. Then add a method for tipping specific questions with BAT. This would create great synergy between the blockchains and raise the profile of all three tokens - BAT, PEER and TLOS.
  • Peeranha1icon1,831ResidentJan 19, 23:08
    I'm happy to hear that work has already started on it

This is an awesome idea! This would be great in the different communities here at peeranha.

Tipping in HEARTs would be wonderful - great question Peeranha1.


Tipping always bring in people to any community.
it will be great for peeranha

I say yes. Truly, the tipping Rewards system seems to be a bettee alternative of late. I'll be glad to tip HEARTS, TELOS, TEACH and even

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