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How can we on-board newbies?

I recently started answering questions in Quora.com and I was utterly surprsed on how much misinformed a lot of people are about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. While the platform do not really give any reward for answers, I find it rewarding to be able to spread awareness about distributed ledger technology and crypto to newbies as well as enlighten some of the naysayers in that Quora platform. My question is how can we lure them into this platform where there is a lot more experts and experienced users of blockchain-based applications?

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by letting them understand that they will earn by asking and answering questions.

since this platform is new, I think it will be great if a referral program is started so that people can earn by referring other which will also help to onboard new

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That's a good start.

  • ankarlieicon200NewbieJan 18, 05:23
    Yes, this is another good idea. Perhaps after using it a while, I will. I am still in the process of exploring the community and getting the feel of the community and the developers. But my initial impression is very positive.

By asking them to share their knowledge and experience with a bunch of cryptocurrency hopefuls, in a place where they can earn a few tokens, or even design new tokens for themselves.


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