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Role of the church in society

There is always a question when the church or Christians get involved in communities other than that of religion, but do you think the church should be a protagonist in the total recovery of society? Could Christians place their professional and natural talents at the service of others?

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I think church is suppose to take the lead role in changing the society positively. Church, should be able to solve the society problem they do what they are suppose to do by teaching good value teaching people how to live like Christ

If we go to the beginning of creation; God created the human being to multiply and subdue the earth, he gave us wisdom power and authority over all that is created, we have a capacity within us to create opportunities, a spirit of light, intelligence, self-control, power to do riches, it is in our thoughts that we have limits, if we believe that we are God's creation, then our role is to be active protagonists in societies to build a better world on the premise of love.


If the church will live,teach and lead like Christ the society will have less issues.We are the church.
We as Christians we are called into a life of service ,to serve.Our talents,our gifts and our skills are to serve to enlarge the kingdom,Also helping to bring light into the society

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