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Leaving my Tlos tokens on REX or as SAVINGS, which is safer and more profitable?

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REX, most certainly! The APR is around 18 or 19% from memory..'Savings' which i assume you mean(staked to CPU/NET) has 0 return but allocates resources to your account.

REX Savings is like REX but you can't instantly turn your tokens liquid after they mature. With REX Savings there's an unstaking period of a few days. The idea is that, like with TLOS staked for CPU or NET, the unstaking period would give a person time to change their account keys, if the active key is somehow compromised. You could see the activity on your account when someone started to unstake your tokens and use the owner key to change the active key before the tokens become liquid and can be moved from the account.

TLOS tokens in REX Savings earn the exact same rate as those in regular REX.

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