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Holiday: what to pack?

Ladies and gentlemen of the SteemChurch,

'Peace be with you'

This Knight is heading on a family holiday tomorrow. The car is packed and the surf boards are on the roof. There is space in the boot for just one more item, what should it be:

  1. My Holy Bible.
  2. My trusty 8 iron.
  3. A bottle of 12 year old Civas Regal.
  4. An umbrella.
  5. My snorkeling gear.

So what should it be parishioners?


Answers 3

Good question SK
Please if surf boards are on the car roof already, I'll advise you don't forget your Snorkling gear

I go for number 5

Please place your Bible on top of your dashboard  very important.


Interesting question, but I think the bible should definitely never stay, it is the life manual of every believer, in it we find all the answers we need.

My spiritual father when we attended a Christian service and it was time to bring the word said: brothers, open your bibles and if you did not bring it "stand next to a Christian" ..... and I smiled because I always left my bible In time I could understand that we can leave everything but the book of the revealed word, that which guides us to all truth and that teaches us to act properly with the example of the life of Jesus and other brothers of antiquity, there we will have words of wisdom, consolation and words to make important decisions of the daily life.


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