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Blockchain and Religion

We now have steemchurch as a community here and I want to ask, What is the relationship between blockchain and religion

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Blockchain is the technology that will truly set the the world free and it is already changing the world. As Christians, we are the light of the world and as the light, we are to change the world.

Blockchain technology is a great tool to change the world as Christians. We need to position ourselves at the forefront leading the fight of freedom using this great tool.

That is why every Christians need to equip themselves with the blockchain technology and we need to expose Christians that don't know about the technology yet to the technology

Christianity and the blockchain.

This is such a good question Peeranha1 - such a very good question. The many answers to which have been building in my mind and the minds of other SteemChurch parishioners, for at least two years now.

So I can't speak for all religions, but I will attempt to answer you from a Christian perspective, touching on just two simple themes:

  1. Freedom.
  2. Capitalism & the moral compass.


An overarching theme of the Bible is freedom. When God's chosen people found themselves enslaved by evil, events would take place which would ensure their freedom. And for these righteous, a new era of prosperity would be delivered.

Here and now, we are living in a world where almost all of mankind has been made financial servants to an elite through debt. This is not just through personal debt. National debt levels are so high that babies are being born tens of thousands of dollars in debt. So long as the elite control the paper debt printing presses, the enslavement and the resulting suffering will worsen.

Then along comes blockchain. A tool so powerful it could destroy all the printing presses of the world in one bold social movement and bring freedom to all mankind.

Christians are most certainly drawn to freedom and as such - we have been drawn to blockchain. And our numbers are growing.

Capitalism & the moral compass.

Capitalism has driven human advancement and prosperity for centuries. Constantly accompanying capitalism on its journey was Christianity. Why? Christianity has always been the moral compass.

On its own, capitalism, despite all its benefits, will not always lead to sound socially beneficial decisions. Christianity, which in my opinion is the pinnacle resource for human morality theory and ethical decision making, has been that guiding light for the capitalist leaders and influencers.

It has been a very long time since capitalism in its true and splendid beauty has existed in the world. Crony capitalism, coruption, and socialism have all but destroyed this magical economic platform mankind once knew.

So why blockchain and Christianity? Capitalism will soon thrive once more, on the blockchain. And similarly, the Christians will be there, to guide the way to a more prosperous world for all.


I don't know what the correct answer would be between blockchain and religion, but if between Steemchurch and blockchain, religion is the one that ends society, the one that accuses, the one that establishes difficult-to-comply paradigms, however Steemchurch is a community that doesn't have religious denomination is based on love and the example that Jesus gave us of freedom, in the blockchain we have the commitment to bring the word of life to the world so that they live with values, humility and peace, so that the revolution of the digital era As the Blockchian is a powerful tool to bring financial, spiritual and moral freedom in people who have lived enslaved for years by inhuman autonomous systems, without forgetting that all wisdom comes from God, we his children must use technology for a purpose; to bless.

First, I would want to say that Steemchurch is not a religion. We are people saved and following the teachings of Christ. Blockchain is one of thr gates of finances that we must be a part of so those who are yet to hear truth can through us.

We are committed to spreading love and reaching out to the unreached through our blockchain earnings.

We know the world is wicked and the centralized government is doing everything to plague Christians. The blockchain will help us operate without barriers. Already, families in Nigeria, Ghana, Venezuela are already getting help and sustenance from Steemchurch.

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