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Suggestions to improve Peeranha

Peeranha is a great project. it is still less that one month and there is still room for improvement. Do you have any suggestions for peeranha team to improve the platform

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I will love to see notification tab created on peeranha so one can always track what goes on on the platform.
one will be able to track update on favorite community, know people that vote and down vote you and so

Peeranha is silky smooth when i login oldschool way..(well done on this implimentation!!!!)

Unfortunately though its buggy/unreliable with scatter and im worried this could be holding you back from more users.. Maybe enable webauthn or eosio authenticator to help. Or maybe its crazy that we are so obsessed with signing transactions with "wallets" "authenticators"..

  • I too am logging in old school... and from everywhere. Really enjoying being able to interact with the blockchain with the one app... and from everywhere. Stay cool telosian. SK

I agree with you and Peeranha. Notifications!

Including who has upvoted me and the post they upvoted. Who has replied to me with a link to the post reply.


Here are a few features I think would really help boost Peeranha's UX:

  • New questions in your feed can be marked as "read" so they don't show up in a page refresh.
  • Highest upvoted questions float to the top of community lists, perhaps interwoven with new questions, or make the list sortable.
  • Emoji support in questions, answers and comments.
  • Any new answers or comments on your questions cause them to float to the top of the list in your feed until you mark them as "read".
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