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Remember the 6th Commandment: You shall not murder! [Exodus 20]

Death should be a natural occurrence, by the time we now start to take lives that we do not create, it become an abomination before God.

If two countries engage in war, could death victims as a result of the war be considered murdered before GOD?

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I believe that God will ask for accounts for every action we have on this earth and its consequences, if the parents are accountable for their children and the shepherds for their congregations, world leaders or rulers will also do so.

Without giving an opinion on what God might think of war, war is a series of battles and people are generally said to have been 'killed' in battle, not 'murdered'.


The nations that Israel defeated were extremely violent and had depraved practices, such as bestiality, incest and the sacrifice of children. For centuries, God gave you the opportunity to change, but finally He said: "Through all these things the nations that I will send from before you have become unclean" (Leviticus 18: 21-25; Jeremiah 7:31) .

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