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Telos blockchain made great waves in 2019, so many development, strong team of blockproducers to powerful dapps, wallets, exchanges etc. Now I'll like to know what to expect from Telos in 2020 that will sky-rock Telos the more?

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Several exciting things will be either introduced or expanded in 2020.

dStor - decentralized file storage system

Telos Decide - easy to set up voting and committee management functions for any group

Telos Amend - further refine the operation of the chain based on user votes

Login with Telos - the ability to log into a wide variety of services from a Telos wallet

Sentiment Tokens - a new type of token to blockchains that allow functions like LIKE. TRUST/DISTRUST, or game badges or certifications

Social Wallets - enhanced interfaces for Telos that share many features with social media

And a lot more dapps. My guess is that there will be at least 50 dapps on Telos by the end of 2020 and at least 20 will be establishing the beginnings of strong business practices.

I expect to see more investors coming in to telos and I also want to see more projects that solve real world

I am expecting a the arrival of 10-12 really solid dapps which should ignite interest in Telos and the TLOS price.

Peeranha has been a good start. dStor and Drakos Keep to come. A few games including a claasic board game and a couple of surprise packets on top of that.


Nothing to see yet