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Have you received a message from Goldencenser today? Let's share in the comments section

Goldencenser is a Telos smart contract built to share God's word when we transact our "HEART" token of love, family and freedom.

Here is my word for today:

Matthew 7: 12

So in everything, do yo others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

My personal message:

The beauty and love you get from life is dependent on how beautiful you make lie and how much love you show yo others. let's come to the realization that whatever we give to life would always come back to us.

Good morning. Let's share yours too

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Hello Brother U.

Ahhhh the Golden Rule. Perhaps the most important lesson of the Bible. Apply this rule to the life you lead and you will never go wrong.

Just some house keeping.

We thought it best that each person submitted theirown Golden Censer memo as a question, not as comments. This will keep Peeranha tidy and stop endless discussions.

I did this earlier as an example.


The other thing SteemChurch should try to keep uncluttered is our tags. Meaning, just select the most relevant, and maybe a second. Not like Steem where we select a full 5 for maximum exposure.

Be full of life and laughter my friend.


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