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What is holocracy?

SEEDS uses a governance method called holocracy. What is holocracy and how is it different from other types of governance such as democracy?

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Holocracy is where people are empowered day to day to make decisions within their roles without going through a hierarchy structure on every decision. There are "link leaders" instead of managers/bosses.. link leaders make decisions(in weekly gov meetings) on what roles must exist, which roles individuals belong to within a circle/link if any(they can belong to many circles accross an org), and finally.. the rules on what each role "cant do".. (If there is no rule against something you can do it)

The interesting thing is that the roles are not traditional jobs where people are trying to fit into a particular square box of a job title like 'data analyst'.. People can have various roles throughout the entire org across multiple links/circles.. they could be doing social media in one circle and running payroll in another... They can be a link leader in one circle and in another a subordinate to someone they also lead.

Very interesting question that sometimes we go unnoticed, being the era of decentralization holocracy becomes part of an organizational system where governance and decision making occurs horizontally. This term also applies to self-regulated units that They come to act independently. The theory starts from the premise: "leave behind the figure of a boss" to implement in theory an organization with greater efficiency and equality, we would be talking about an integral equity.
What I really like about this concept is that any organization that applies it would be able to make use of each employee's best skills, also giving them greater freedom to make decisions.

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