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What is steemchurch

what is steemchurch ?? how steemchurch works ??

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STEEMCHURCH is a virtual Christian community built upon the blockchain. It is the first international, non-denominational Church of its kind with a simple and yet inclusive value proposition -


SteemChurch was brought to life in 2017 by like-minded Christians within the popular Steem blogging blockchain and hence the name was conceived.

SteemChurch sought to create both virtual and real life opportunities for its parishioners and their local communities through Steem blogging rewards. Chicken farms, fish farms, banana plantations, food and nutritional education rallies were but a few of the real world initiatives that SteemChurch helped create.

It became apparent however that the opportunities derived from the Steem blockchain were limited, particularly in comparison to the 3rd generation EOSIO blockchains which were on the way.

SteemChurch took steps to expand onto the Telos EOSIO blockchain to avail itself of the lightning fast transactions, multi-tokens and smart contract functionality. On Telos the Church has been able to create it's own transferable blessing, being the Beatitude HEART. It has also designed its own smart contract called the Golden Censer.

Not domiciled and any particularly nation or country, SteemChurch is now an International Ministry, enabling its many thousands of parishioners to practice their faith in the relative freedom which blockchain provides.

SteemChurch is more than a Church; and, it is more than an internet community. SteemChurch is beginning of a new era in Christian history.


Steemchurch is the first blockchain church, created in December 2017 in the teem blockchain by Sirknight, now expanded to the Telos ecosystem, its mission is to create opportunities and empower men and women following the example of Jesus, we have no religious denomination Only love, his vision: freedom in the spirit of Christ, is established in several countries and all people can join without distinction of race, language or nation.
You can join through the telegram and check our blogs at:

I learnt about the community late but I still met Sniffnscurry and read about the wonderful things Steemchurch did back in the days. I also first heard of Telos through Steemchurch when it was moved earlier in 2019. Great community, good people

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